Hitched Wedding Awards – I Won!


I’m thrilled to announce that I recently had the honor of receiving the Hitched Wedding Photographer Award, and I can’t help but share my excitement. . As a female wedding photographer, this recognition holds special meaning for me, emphasizing the power of breaking barriers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


A Win for Female Wedding Photographers

In an industry where gender roles have often dictated the narrative, winning this award is a momentous step forward for breaking stereotypes and showcasing the artistry that transcends gender.

As a female wedding photographer, I have always believed in the power of storytelling through images. Each wedding is a unique tale of love, and my goal is to encapsulate those special moments that define the beginning of a couple’s journey together. Winning the Hitched Wedding Awards has reaffirmed the importance of my narrative approach, where each photograph contributes to the larger story of the day.

One of the things that i feel set’s me apart as a wedding photographer is the ability to establish a deep connection with the brides. Being a woman, and a wife, myself, I understand all of the emotions that a bride goes through on her special day.

This connection allows me to capture genuine moments of joy, vulnerability, and pure love that might be overlooked by others.

so happy to win this award - female wedding photographer in kent

The support I have received from clients, friends, and family throughout this journey has been overwhelming. Winning the Hitched Wedding Awards is not just a personal victory but a shared celebration of everyone who believed in my vision and supported me along the way.

This recognition is not just a trophy on my shelf; it is a symbol of progress, breaking stereotypes, and embracing diversity in the world of wedding photography. I am grateful for the opportunities, the challenges, and the moments that led me to this point.

I’m so looking forward to seeing what the future holds for both my wonderful couples and my work, no, my passion, as a wedding photographer.

You can read the full Hitched Press Release below

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