Wedding Photography at Westerham Golf Club // Claire & James

  1. Where and when did you guys first meet?

We went to school together but we didn’t actually know each other back then. We connected 15 years later through a mutual friend.

  • Was it love at first sight?

No definitely not as we spent years at school and sixth form together and never even spoke a word!

  • Who asked who out first?

Neither – we were on a night out for our friend’s birthday and ended up having a long deep and meaningful. We swapped numbers and arranged to meet up again just the two of us the very next day. It all happened very naturally!

  • How long after you met did you move in together?

1.5 years

  • How long after you met did you get engaged?

2 years

  • Who popped the question and where? Tell me the story….

We had gone back to the pub where we were for our friend’s birthday where it all began to celebrate our second anniversary (we also went there on our first anniversary). James popped the question outside in the beer garden with no-one else around. It was a lovely moment. Covid put a stop to us going back there for our third anniversary!

  • How long will you have you been engaged at the wedding?

Should have been 3 years but again Covid stepped in so it will be 4!

  • What are your 2 favourite things about each other?

We have both struggled to answer this, I just love everything about James (bleurgh!)

  • Where are you going on your honeymoon (when we can travel!)?

A few days in the Cotswolds to relax straight after the wedding. Covid and a baby on the way probably means that is all we will get!

  1. What made you choose Swinky Photography to shoot your Big Day?

We found Swinky via our venue as she has worked there before so that was a big draw as we knew it meant she was very familiar with the venue and the best spots to take photos. When we looked at her website we knew she had the relaxed vibe that we were after and when we met in person it sealed the deal even further.

  1. What have you enjoyed about the process of working with Swinky so far?

Everything! Particularly meeting for the engagement shoot. With neither of us really being lovers of having our photo taken it was a bit of a nerve-racking thought but actually it was great fun, a really good way to know what to expect on the day and put us completely at ease.

  1. What would you like to have seen changed about the process with me? (I’ve got tough skin and any suggestions for improvement will be welcomed!)

There really isn’t anything we can think of.

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