What is this pre-wedding photoshoot all about and how do I prepare?

The pre-wedding photoshoot; sometimes called an ‘engagement shoot’ or ‘couples photoshoot’ is a GREAT opportunity for you to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day – and for me to get to know you too! (If you’re crazy then I want to know about it so I can turn up my crazy volume too!). The more I know my couples the easier it is to deliver photos that really capture who you are.

I end up staying in touch with so many of my clients and photographing special occasions along the way as their lives change over the years.

After the pre-wedding shoot all of my clients say that they really enjoyed the shoot and are much more confident and excited about the photos on the wedding day now! The session gives you an idea of what to expect on your big day when we put some time aside for ‘showing off your dress and venue’.  It also means on your wedding day, we’re all like ‘hey lovely! How have you been?!’ cos we’ve like totally hung out and feel comfortable with each other.

For those of you with kids, the pre-wedding shoot can also be a family photoshoot. It is really super important that I get to meet the kids before the wedding day. It really helps both me and then (plus.. I get to meet kids! Yay!). This will really help them know what to expect on the big day and help them feel way more comfortable in front of me and my huge lenses and camera!

The pre-wedding shoot can take place in your venue if you like. This means you can show me in person all the wonderful features of your venue and the reason you chose it.. and if you have a favourite tree or bench or staircase then it means I’ve seen it and will be sure to make it a part of your wedding day photos.

Alternatively you may want to choose a location that is special to you; maybe you got engaged there? Or perhaps it’s a place you just feel happy in, either way we can work together to find the perfect spot. I’m happy to drive up to an hour for free to your chosen location.

So how do you prepare?

Here is the confirmation email I send out to all my clients:

On the day please wear clothes that you know and love (don’t try a new top out for the first time) and wear your hair and make up the same as you would for an evening out (again please don’t try anything new).

Please make sure you and the kids are warm and that the kids have a toy to play with (age dependent of course). Please DO NOT let kids bring their devices with them as I find this looses their interest very fast – if they do need something to keep them occupied then a book would be better than a device.

Should I bring a change of clothes?

This is totally up to you and if you feel comfortable changing in the car or behind a tree! If not then my suggestion is to go for layers; so if the weather is cold then a nice jacket with a few layers on underneath.

Should I bring any props?

Again totally up to you. If it’s a special date then yes! Let’s go for it! A cake might work, or perhaps a favourite blanket to sit on or, for the kids a favorite toy or even balloon.. the sky is the limit.

What happens after the shoot?

Well it usually takes me around 1-2 weeks to edit the photos. They will be emailed to you on a fancy online portal for you to view and download the images to your desktop. You can also send the link to family and friends and there is an online shop if anyone wants to buy prints. This gallery is the same one I use for your wedding photos – so again it’s a good way to get an idea of the whole Swinky experience before the big day happens.

Finally….What about this idea:

Some of my clients print a big print of their favourite enagagement photo on a large mounting frame to leave out for guests to sign on the wedding day. Once everyone has signed it you can pop it in a glass frama and smile at it forever after..! Cute eh?

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