Wheelchair-friendly wedding venue considerations


Selecting a wheelchair-friendly wedding venue requires careful consideration to ensure that you and all your guests can fully enjoy and participate in your wedding day.

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A wheelchair-friendly wedding venue that not only meets your needs but also demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and diversity; something that is so important in today’s world.

Here are some essential tips to help you in your wheelchair-friendly wedding venue search:

1. Look for venues that have ramps or elevators to accommodate wheelchair users. Ensure that there are accessible parking spaces, accessible restrooms, and wide doorways throughout the venue. You might also consider an intimate venue that has all celebrations in one place; like Cooling Castle where the photographer can call all the guests out to the beautiful grounds by just asking them to ‘step across the threshold’ of the bar.

2. Focus on venues with a spacious layout that allows easy manoeuvrability for wheelchair users. It’s important to have ample space for guests to move around freely and comfortably. Pay attention to the arrangement of tables, chairs, and dance floors, ensuring that they are accessible and easy to move around.

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3. If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, ensure that the venue provides accessible pathways, ramps, and suitable terrain for wheelchair users (especially if it’s been raining!). The presence of level ground and sturdy surfaces is crucial to ensure a smooth experience in all weathers.

4. Communication with the venue’s event coordinator to discuss accessibility requirements and any specific needs you or your guests may have. It’s important to have open and clear communication about accessibility concerns to ensure that the venue can meet your needs. A responsive and accommodating venue team can make the planning process much more seamless.

5. Communication with your wedding photographer is key too. They will need to know HOW to pose you or your guests if you are in a wheelchair or know how far you can walk or stand if there are limitations due to health for you or any of your guests. A wedding photographer with a consultative approach that will pre-plan all the shots for the day will means there will be no surprises or challenges on the day when it comes to capturing all the photos you want.

6. Accommodation: Consider the accessibility of nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests who may require wheelchair accessibility. It’s helpful to have accessible lodging options in close proximity to the wedding venue anyway to ensure convenience and comfort for all attendees. Of course the venue must have accessible accommodation for you if needed too.

Remember, it’s essential to visit potential venues in person to assess their accessibility first-hand. This will allow you to see if the venue meets your specific needs and to address any concerns directly with the venue staff. Ask questions and ask them to tell you more about their experiences as a venue but also about the individual coordinator’s personal experience and understanding of your needs.

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