How Getting Married Made Me a Better Wedding Photographer 

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As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing so many happy love stories with a variety of super-cool humans. My day job is literally to witness the tears, giggles, and excitement that surround my couple’s wedding day.  

But I’m here to say that it wasn’t until I got married myself that I truly understood the profound impact of the emotional rollercoaster that is your actual wedding day! 

Don’t get me wrong; I always understood what a special occasion weddings are and what an important job I play as a wedding photographer but going through it all myself has woken up a fire in me! I feel I have HAD to ‘up my game’ now that I understand how it actually feels to get married!! 


Empathy and Understanding: 

I feel so much more connected with the emotion and anticipation that my couples go through leading up to, and on their big day. I now ‘get’ the nerves and excitement and how so damn overwhelming everything can be. This means I can now anticipate and capture those raw, intimate moments with compassion and stay one step ahead of you all day. 

Attention to Detail: 

Planning my own wedding made me appreciate the importance of every small detail that goes into creating a memorable day. From the carefully chosen flowers to the carefully crafted seating arrangements, I have learned to pay closer attention to these and all details in my role as a photographer. 

Connection and Trust: 

Experiencing the vulnerability and trust that comes with entering into a lifelong commitment has made me so much more aware of the importance of building a strong connection with my clients. The relationships I build have always been important to me but I think understanding just how important my role and my skills are has helped me feel confident in my business model and pricing. At my wedding, I knew I needed someone whose hands I was safe in and I know that is what I offer my clients.  

Appreciation for the Value of Wedding Photography: 

As bride/s and/or groom/s, you quickly realize that your wedding day flies by in a blur; I was told that so many times but it really did whizz by at top speed! Now I feel I have a deeper appreciation for the value that my wedding photography can bring by gifting you detailed photos of every tiny detail that happened on your fabbest day.  

I honestly feel that getting married has transformed me as a wedding photographer. I now have a much deeper understanding of the emotions and the significance of each moment; it’s no longer ‘just my day job’ but rather a responsibility that I am honoured to be a part of. 

Looking for your Own Wedding Photographer?

Looking for a photographer who understands the depth of your wedding emotions? Let’s collaborate to create unforgettable moments. Connect with me to explore how I specialise in heartfelt, empathetic photography that enhances your special day.

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  • Full of Fun: I strive to encapsulate the joyous, candid moments that radiate happiness.
  • Bursting with Colour: Vibrant and lively, my photography celebrates the richness of life through colour
  • Movement: Capturing the energy and liveliness in every frame.
  • Emotion: From the subtle nuances to the profound feelings, my lens immortalizes the depth of emotions.
  • YOUR Big Day: Your special occasions are my priority, ensuring each moment is treasured and preserved.
  • YOUR Tears and Giggles: I skillfully capture the heartfelt tears and contagious giggles, preserving authentic emotions.

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